Normanbrodeur – Top Blogs That All Financial Advisors Should Be Following

In the event that you know us at all at Financial Social Media, you know we like to furnish you with the most elite — the best thought pioneers, data, and assets you have to think going to stay on the ball as a monetary guide. Today we’ve aggregated the top websites that experts in the budgetary administrations commercial enterprises ought to take after. Some of these bloggers are at the highest point of their field and you might definitely know their names. Some are up and comers that will be different to you. Some are guides composing for counselors. Some are intended for your customers, however focus, on the grounds that it’s generally as vital to recognize what and where your potential clients are getting their data. Every online journal was chosen for outstanding quality, connecting conduct, substance, specialty, or impact potential.

For Advisors :

Nerd’s Eye View – Michael Kitces is an expert on advanced financial planning issues.  Michael is coming at you advisor-to-advisor.

The Research Puzzle – This blog provides new ways of thinking and organizing resources (much of which he cultivates the research for) to solve a puzzle, usually of a financial nature.

FT Alphaville – This blog from the Financial Times operates as a filter for relevant news and information for financial professionals.  Some unique features include running market commentary and the delivery of three early-morning briefing notes, daily.

The Glass Hammer – From Nicki Gilmour, this blog has created a community for networking and gathering resources specifically for executives in financial services, among others.


Crossing Wall Street – CNN/Money named Eddy Elfenbein as “the best buy-and-hold blogger.” CNN also touted, “his free Buy List has beaten the S&P 500 for the last six years in a row.”

Abnormal Returns –  If you don’t already know the name and blog of private investor, Tadas Viskanta, you should.  After seven years of blogging, Viskanta is well known in the investing sphere.  Viskanta has created a “forecast-free investment blog” which consists of quotes and charts of the day, plus tons of links to relevant content.

Financial Culture:

DealBreaker – “DealBreaker covers the personalities and culture that shape the financial industry, offering original commentary, news and entertainment.” This blog is a nice change of pace for getting your market news with some witty pop culture thrown in.

The Reformed Broker – Joshua Brown is an investment advisor, author, and blogger.  You’ve most likely seen this name before.  Brown has established himself as a thought leader and is a major media contributor.  His blog is informative, entertaining, and the right amount of sarcastic.


FPPad – More than just a blog.  Bill Winterberg, Certified Financial Planner and former engineer for HP and LeapFrog Toys, has created one of the leading resources of news and information about financial planning technology.

FierceFinanceIT – The blog for the FierceMarkets network is a prominent source of information and news on financial technology.


Advisor Websites – This wealth of resources from Advisor Websites offers website, SEO, social media, and other digital marketing information for advisors.


Retirement Researcher – Wade D. Pfau, Certified Financial Planner and American College Professor, collects research on financial planning and retirement for both consumers and planners alike. Pfau was recently selected for the Investment News Power 20 as a person expected to shape the financial advisory industry in 2013.

For Consumers:

CNA Finance – This finance blog by Joshua Rodriguez is geared towards consumers and hosts tons of valuable guest bloggers from the finance industry.

Above the Market – This well know finance and investing blog is from a broker/dealer and investment advisory firm.  Top post?  Investors’ 10 Most Common Behavioral Biases.

NewFiNation – This blog serves as a marketplace and community for advisors to market their unique “new finance” services to consumers.  The “new finance” content is relevant to advisors as well as consumers.

Frugal Rules – Listed as the no. 1 blog authority in the finance category by  What’s even more impressive? This blog is only one year old.  Topics include investing, frugal living, and budgeting.


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